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Kirkland Concours d'Elegance
September 14, 2009

The Kirkland Concours d' Elegance is well known.  Only the "best of the best" of cars come to compete in this exclusive show along the shores of Lake Washington.   This year was no exception.  The theme was Mercedes.  Old Mercedes' quickly took everyone's attention!

Some members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited had been invited by the Concours Chairman to wander about the car show, lending vintage ambiance to the already classy event.



Located almost right inside the show, Lady Victoria spotted the shiny Cord, owned by Jim McAuliffe.
The sunlight just dazzled off the paint and chrome.  Good going on the wax job, Jim!

Located near the Cord, we spotted this handsome Bugatti.

The paint was an incredible shade of blue and ivory.  One wonders if the car was ever produced in those tones or if this is a custom paint?



I say, Sir Harry, who is that lovely young woman you are chatting with today?  Why that's Miss Roxann!
Miss Roxann is wearing late 1920's or early 1930's inspired attire, complete with straw cloche
hat and a delightful vintage silk parasol!

Not all cars were painted "Basic Black"

 Here are examples of just how fantastic brown and burgundy can appear on a beautiful cars...

What a GREAT hood ornament!  Notice the latticed grillwork?
Miss Bobbie, let's wander down the ramp to the lake-level and view more cars.
I think I also spotted some high speed, Unlimited Hydroplanes along the quay...

Not all the cars at Concours were antique.
Some were just vintage.

Often it could be overheard, "Oh!  I had one like that when I was younger."

Who knew they'd be as popular today?


This cute car was a late entry, we were told.  Some last minute tinkering to change things out, was enough to allow the car to enter into the prestigious car show.

Miss Roxann and Miss Joan were spotted while posing for a number of guests.
Doesn't look like they hate being out in the sunshine a bit longer.

This one looks fun!  Can't you imagine just bombing down the streets of Kirkland waving at folks and shouting "Whooo-hoooooooo!"???

Wow, look at this! It's an original
"U" (for Unlimited) boat that would
have raced on Lake Washington
years ago.
  The peace of viewing these luxury boats
on the lake was interrupted only
long enough to hear a hydro fire its engine.
No question why they're called "Thunder Boats".
Here is another stunning vehicle.  Lady Victoria appears to be fond on the Packard's
wheel hub, as evidenced by the parasol's reflection in the chrome...
Here we spot Miss Joan with the Packard.  She's enjoying a little respite from the sun's heat.

This is Miss Bobbie's favorite car.  It's an electric car, no less! The interior looks like a Queen's coach.
Miss Bobbie is wearing a corduroy "walking skirt" and lace blouse, reminiscent of the early 1900's.
She designed her own hat to match the skirt.
Her sun parasol is also vintage, as is her fan.

  Lady Victoria of Essex poses long enough to have her image captured next to a burgundy Cadillac.

It should be divulged that she recently had
purchased a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood,
so it was only natural that "Caddy"
was on her mind!

Look at the golden flying lady and hood emblem.
It's sure to turn heads as it goes down the street.

Lady V is wearing a replica outfit
representing 1908 Edwardian attire.
Her hat has over $100 of feathers, hand sewn
into place.  The parasol is her grandmother's
and dates back to the early 1900's.

More wonderful vehicles, reminiscent from the original Horseless Carriage era.
This vehicle is on the way to restoration.
Many vehicles have been found in
various conditions, including like this.

Good thing the owner is patient,
hopefully has deep pockets,
has good "connections" in
the car restoration business because
he'll need to call in his markers.

Lady V can hardly wait to see this car in
about 2 years from now...

Not all vehicle admirers were visiting up-right on 2 feet!

Miss Joan is shown here wearing
classic Edwardian style clothing,
reminiscent of the Titanic era!
Sir Harry of Essex paused long enough for a photo with what else?
A classic Rolls Royce!  Tres British of him, yes?
Sir Harry is wearing a "cut-away" jacket, striped pants,
a "banker's hat" and is carrying a Victorian era walking stick.
What vehicle would YOU take home???

Miss Roxann said, "I'm sticking with this Dusenberg as my favorite!"
It sure is a beauty.  Does she have a large enough garage???

Ah, Sir Harry has found a car in which he's interested.  He looks like he could step
into this beauty and head down
the road.  Better take off the hat first....
Miss Joan and Lady Victoria pose along a beautiful car, gleaming in the sunlight.
  The ladies needed a much desired break from
the heat of the day and strolled over to
a dock side restaurant for refreshments.

Here, their image was captured by
fellow vintage car enthusiast,
Mark Reutlinger.  Thank you, Mark,
for taking the sweet photo!

  "Well Ladies, shall we call the day to a close?"

The rest of the crowd was gathering for the
award presentations and distributions.
It was better for our little group to make
room for others to hover near the
vehicles without the possibility of
being poked by a parasol!

After a long day of inspecting the finest cars on display, our merry group left
Kirkland Concours.

We were happy to have posed with a number of visitors and answered questions.

Maybe YOU'D have interest in
dressing up and coming with us
in the future to events?

(Visit our home page and check out
the Calendar and Dress-Up Opportunities!)

On behalf of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, a
special "Thank you" to Jeff Clark and Peter Hageman for inviting SITU
to add "color" to your beautiful event.  We had a great time and
look forward to coming again next year...
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