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The Great Gatsby & Friends
August, 2009

"Come over to my place," Gatsby said.  "We'll picnic on the lawn, play a little bocci ball, have a few cocktails - it'll be grand.  You'll see."  Who would turn down an invitation like that, especially coming from "the man" to whom everyone wants to be known as a personal friend?

We swept through the gates of Gatsby's estate.  The day was already very warm and it wasn't even noon yet.

The lawns were meticulously mowed and edged.  Flowers spilled from the overhead hanging pots on the lamp posts.  Yes, we were all looking forward to having a great time with Gatsby and Friends!


(In actuality, this picnic is being held on the grounds of Volunteer Park in Seattle, Washington.  It is one of the oldest parks in one of Seattle's most prestigious neighborhoods, which just happens to be filled with large mansions.  Very Gatsby-esque and swanky!

We rounded the bend and spotted the entry marker...

This marker dedicates the park (described above)
and the fact that it was created by a number of volunteers.

Rounding the bend, we spotted the structure that housed Gatsby's large collections of art.

This building is the Seattle Art Museum's original
structure.  Today, it is called the Asian Art Museum
and SAM has moved into new digs downtown.

The building is amazing with dramatic front doors and impressive Art Deco era architecture.  Notice the dromedaries flanking the entry?

(If you pay close attention, just above the tree-line one can see the Seattle Space Needle!)

The aeration fountain was bubbling at top speed.  The view over the pond was breath taking.

Gatsby's conservatory appeared to have some magnificent specimens of exotic plants.

The plantings he had out front only hinted
at what could be found within!

There seemed to be ample area on Gatsby's lawn for everyone to be able to spread out.

The tables were already set up and loaded, groaning with food and drink for everyone!

"Guests of Gatsby" began arriving to participate in the fun.
Everyone brought in tables and chairs, plus a sweet or savory dish to share.

Stylish vehicles began arriving one after another.

This car is owned by Harold Musolf, III.  It is a Cadillac.

One of Gatsby's close friends, a car collector, swung by the picnic too.

This stunning vehicle is owned by Jim McAuliffe.  The car was used in the
Hollywood movie, "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang".
SITU's Miss Sharon (in yellow dress), looks on.

Another of Gatsby's friends rolled in with an impressive new vehicle.
Tony drives down the street and the girls all want a ride!

This vehicle is owned by Tony Zimmerman.  She sure looks like a sweet ride!

Are you a bootlegger?  Do you enjoy racing?
This machine is built for speed and cornering those tight curves
when trying to out-run the Federalies or Da Coppas!

Looking for speed?  Consider a speedster and join NW Speedsters!!!
This beautifully restored wood vehicle is owned by John Black &  Jeanne Kleyn,
who patiently posed for a quick photo taken by our photographer.

The cars lined the drive while people lounged in the shade of the large chestnut trees.

Miss Candice and Marty share a meal together.

Young and old - everyone arrived from far and near to enjoy an afternoon at Gatsby's!

"Linda of London" (left) is SITU's Grand Dame and is a very long time member.  Miss Judy with her niece Miss Michaela, are evidence that SITU is enjoyed by the next generation.  We hope they had a marvelous time and will come play dress-up with us again soon.

Everyone lent a hand to set up additional tables and chairs
to accommodate the large number of people who arrived.

Baron von Kleinschmidt lends a hand.

Honey, could you take that end please?

Boy is it hot out here today!
Did you remember to bring a fan?

This is Miss Ruu.  She is a new member of SITU
this year.  Ruu happens to love the 1920's.

Guests spread themselves all over the grounds in preparation to enjoy
the delicacies which could be found in the tented area.

Left photo, seated at table (L-R): Miss Beverly, Miss Corky and Miss Marjorie.

Nick, have you spotted Gatsby yet?  I'm heading over the the Rockefellers later...

Miss Tiffany (in brown) and Miss Candice (in blue) have both put together
a version of the "One Hour Dress" which was very popular in the 1920's.
SITU recently had taught a class on how to sew this garment in preparation
for the Gatsby event.  The dresses turned out quite well don't you think?

Wait!  Let me take your photo!

Lady Paisley is wearing a vintage outfit today.

...And so I told him we'd have to  check our very busy calendar.  I think we're gong to Nantucket...

Sweethearts can be found in our midst!

Harold and his pretty fiancÚ's image were captured in a private moment.

Miss Patty looks striking in her
rose colored dress.
It is a wonderful color with her dark hair
and she looks very slim.
Here, Miss Kaye takes a quick photo.
The cornflower blue is so flattering on her.
**Special note - she drove all the way from Portland to be with us on this special day.  Thank you for coming!
Where IS Gatsby?  He wouldn't miss his own party would he?
The music is striking up and we're hungry.

Left photo (L-R): Tom, John, Jim, Miss Patty and Miss Bobbie
Right photo (L-R): Miss Agnes, Miss Roxann, Lady Paisley

Miss Barb looks cool and lovely in teal
and wearing large brimmed sun hat!
Say, "Cheeeeeese!"
Champagne, anyone?

John has cleverly disguised sparkling apple cider in a previously used champagne bottle.

Ah - HERE he is, Gatsby himself!  Doesn't he look cool and stylish today?

SITU's own Guy Holady traveled with his sister Kaye all the way from Portland, OR
to join in our festivities on this day.  He made a striking, young Gatsby for us!

Miss Bobbie, Guy and Miss Patty
strike a colorful pose for our camera.
Miss Janet and Jeff Hays look cool and comfortable
in pale blue and white. They look quite "Hollywood"
with their dark sunglasses!
I say Terry, have you already played a
round of bocci ball yet?  It's wonderful!!
"I'm taking this one home", says Marty.
"She's a keeper!"
Miss Denise on the arm of Joseph.  They are new members of SITU this year.  Don't they just look swell? Lady Paisley strikes a pose at one of the party lanterns.

The offerings on this fine day are outstanding!
Rolled crepes, chicken, salmon, pastas, bread & cheese, desserts, etc.
So many offerings that in the end, we felt we were just rolling back to our vehicles.

Lady Victoria spotted Harold's pretty gal
under a nearby tree, posing for
the paparazzi.

Look at the beautiful lace parasol -
almost as beautiful as the fine
lady holding it upright!

Thank you for gracing our party with
your joyous presence this day.
On behalf of SITU, we wish you many,
many happy years together with Harold...

Let's take a tour of Gatsby's dahlia gardens!

Does anyone need to use the lavatory?

We'll sit out here in the shade
while we wait for you...


Gatsby swung by the table of Linda of London and Miss Karen Patrice
to welcome them to the party.

I'll hold a spot for Jim at the table.

Miss Sharon is striking in yellow. Her flowered hat
casts a lovely shade for her.

Miss Kaye & Guy pose before the Conservatory.

The Victorian era conservatory is a Seattle landmark
that draws large crowds year round.

Look!  Our seamstress appears to have used the same fabric for each of our dresses!

Linda of London and Miss Joan could be sisters.  Aren't they just adorable?

Hey everyone, let's pose with the cars!!!
Miss Kaye Miss Jeanne
Looking sassy, the Countess Cassimira Gabriel and Miss Sarah Chrisman
Miss Sharon Miss Pippin
What have we here?

Why, it's a very large camera
run by this darling young woman
from the paparazzi!

This gal was testing out her camera and asked
if our images could be captured by her.
Of course, we were happy to oblige!

L-R: Miss Susan, Miss Mary & Miss Janet
**Miss Susan is a talented costumer as evidenced by her embroidery & ribbon roses.  Visit with her in the ribbon room at Nancy's Sewing Basket on Queen Anne Hill.
Cool and confident, Rob looks great in "summer whites", wing-tip shoes and boater hat.
Here, he appears to be making sure this tree
wouldn't fall on anyone...
Mr. and Mrs. Lutnick
Are you wishful thinking?
Miss Janet and Guy
What say you, shall we go joyriding?
I say, old man.
One more toast before we part?
Who's that girl?
The effervescent Miss Kimberly of course,
. President of SITU.

As we wrapped up the day's festivities,
we heard Gatsby say, "Thank you for coming!
I hope you had a good time..."


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Lady Victoria of Essex stands in the shade.

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